My Little Pony G4 Custom OOAK Power Ponies CM FIM, Brony, Mane 6

My Little Pony G4 Custom OOAK Power Ponies CM FIM, Brony, Mane 6 picture

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For auction is this set of six G4 My Little Ponies, which I customized to be the Power Ponies! If you already have the Hum Drum (Spike) and Mane-iac set from Comic-Con, these ponies would complete your collection! Each pony was painstakingly painted by hand, and costumes were created using various materials including Apoxy Sculpt, craft foam, acrylic paint, fabric paint, and various plastic items (including plastic jewels for Twilight's costume). I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to make these ponies as accurate as possible, so this is the only set of Power Ponies I will ever be making. Truly a one of a kind collectors item.Inspired by "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" (season 4 episode 6), I transformed the original "mane six" pony toys into the Masked Matter-Horn (Twilight Sparkle), Zapp (Rainbow Dash), Mistress Mare-velous (Applejack), Saddle Rager (Fluttershy), Radiance (Rarity), and Fili-Second (Pinkie Pie).The costumes are all permanent and coated with several layers of varnish. The only exception is the Masked Matter-Horn's goggles, which can be carefully removed, if desired, by unhooking the velcro closure I added to the strap. Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash were all re-haired as follows: Pinkie Pie's mane was cut off (and the holes were filled with Apoxy Sculpt) and some of the original mane was added to her forehead and some was added to the tail to make it twice as think as the original tail on the toy. Applejack's mane was trimmed on her neck and her bangs were re-haired (using the trimmed mane) to fill them in as they appear on the show. Rainbow Dash's mane was trimmed and the red, orange, yellow and green from the mane were added to the tail, while some of the purple and blue (the only colors originally in the toy's tail) were re-haired into the mane so that she has hair colored just like in the show. Twilight was converted into Princess Twilight the alicorn by using parts left over from another pony customization I am also selling (available in my Etsy shop, KrystasKoolKreations) and the wings came from Princess Cadance and the larger unicorn horn is from Shining Armor. All the paint and costumes have been sealed with 3 to 8 layers of acrylic varnish. The ponies are labeled underneath their hooves as CP#06, CP#07, CP#08, CP#09, CP#10 and CP#11 (CP=customized pony), dated, and initialed (with my initials, "K.O."). Please note, these ponies are intended for display only, not for play. This item comes from a non-smoking home. This item was initially available in my Etsy shop, and if it does not sell during this auction period of three weeks, it will again be available in my shop (where the price can be divided into several layaway payments if desired).
My Little Pony G4 Custom OOAK Power Ponies CM FIM, Brony, Mane 6 picture

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