Welcome to Night Vale My Little Pony Custom OOAK

Welcome to Night Vale My Little Pony Custom OOAK picture

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Good evening, Listeners. Tonight I have a very important announcement. John Peters--you know, the farmer?--has reported seeing a small, disproportionate horse frolicking in his invisible corn fields. He describes the horse as about four inches high with a single, chubby, spiral horn growing from its forehead. The little horse is Night Vale purple, with a long, loosely curled mane and tail of dark nightshade purple, streaked with pale glowing green. It is described as having a sweet, inviting expression, and seems quite approachable. The markings on her flanks and shoulders appear to represent prominent Night Vale landmarks. Cute! On her right flank is what appears to be a portrait of an angel--which is impossible, because angels do not exist. But if they did, this one would have a single, glowing eye, and a halo with rays emanating from it that also glowed in the dark. On her right shoulder, the Arby's sign. Flowing up her right shoulder and the side of her neck are the lights frequently seen above the Arby's sign. On her left cheek is a dark eye with a crescent moon for an iris, and on her left flank, the President of the School Board itself, the Glow Cloud (ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD). Below the Cloud, on the tiny horse's hooves, are depicted an antenna and the water tower. If you should see this small, strangely proportioned horse, consider buying it. No others like it have ever been seen in our fair little desert community. It is surely one of a kind and would make an excellent addition to any Night Vale souvenir collection. Overseas bidders, contact me here at the studio with the country of destination, any food allergies, and your most private phobia to receive a shipping quote. It will be shipped to the winning bidder in a sturdy box labeled very discreetly so that no one knows you are the sole owner of a tiny, glowing ungulate.
Welcome to Night Vale My Little Pony Custom OOAK picture

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